Weber Q 200 Review

Weber Q 200The Weber Q 200 gas grill has a push-button ignition 2 durable tables that tuck away and have built in tool holders that store your tools inside of your grill, the grilling tools are sold separate but are a great addition to the Weber Q 200 gas grill.

Meat sizzles on the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, while drippings collect in the removable drip tray below for lower-fat cooking and easy cleanup and a healthier meal.

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The Q 200 takes up incredibly little space for a grill that performs so well and so efficiently, and its cooking surface is surprisingly large for the small overall size of the grill.

Here are some great features of the Weber Q 200 gas grill

Don’t let the portability of this grill fool you. It cooks big and for many people at one time, the temperature control is great. You can get it real hot for searing steaks or low to roast whole chickens.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Weber Q 200 gas grill

The Weber Q is my all time favorite grill, The grill holds a surprisingly large amount of food. I can grill for the whole family or more with no problems, (This totally depends on what you are grilling), I can even fit 2-3 whole racks of ribs on the Q. I can’t imagine owning any other gas grill – except another Q. If the day comes when I have to replace my beloved Q
(Aaron W.)

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